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Stoner Joe
Stoner JoeArtist/Writer

Hard working, loyal, and focused, I’ve known what I wanted to do since I can remember, almost as if it was a part of me. It’s what motivates me. I am Blue, the creator/artist/writer of the first cannabis themed comic book series known as “Stoner Joe the Bunny.”

It’s like always knowing, always reaching, and striving to make better. As an artist you’re so susceptible to the process because that’s the only time you can really call it yours. You finish, and it then ceases to exist as a part of who you are anymore. The world has it now and they will see it for what it truly is.

A very hard working, dedicated, and focused person I strive to progress Stoner Joe the Bunny and myself everyday and I never give up till things are finished and perfected.

 About Stoner Joe the Bunny

“Stoner Joe the Bunny” is the first ever cannabis comic series about the weed fueled adventures of a bud toking bunny named Stoner Joe. Made for the Cannabis Culture and community. Stoner Joe will get you high on laughter with the hilarity that ensues as a result of his pot smoking. Stoner Joe bucks the Trends to come out smart, clever, unique, and relevant.


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